Rum Club

There’s so much to love about Mutiny that it’s tough to pick just one thing that makes us who we are. But if there’s anything that pirates have an insatiable appetite for, it has to be rum; and here at Mutiny we take rum very seriously. With an ever expanding selection of over 150 rums, there’s something for everyone, and when you take on the Mutiny Rum Passport we give you a reason to try them all.

Initiation is quick and simple: just drink five flights of rum over the course of a few visits to familiarize yourself with the different styles, and we’ll issue you your very own passport. As you come back again and again, quaff a dram or two and we’ll stamp your passport for each new rum. As you move through the ranks and check off more and more rums, we set you up with buccaneer booty that any pirate would covet. Free dinners, rum club garb and a copper mug engraved with your name that hangs above the bar are just a few of the treasures that await you on your journey.

Better yet, if you can navigate these waters a second time you'll find yourself an honored soul on the captains wall of fame, and perhaps you're on your way to the greatest feat of all: finish the passport 5 times and the captain will see  fit to promote you to the Barbarossa Alliance, where the greatest notoriety, and the finest treasures await.

It’s free to join and it gives you an excuse to drink all that delicious rum, so come on down and get your passport, matey!

Pasadena Location

33 Magothy Beach Road Suite 100 

Pasadena, MD 21122 



Elkridge Location 

7190 Troy Hill Drive 

Suite 500 

Elkridge, MD 21075 


Pasadena HOURS

Mon - Thurs: 3pm - 10pm

Fri - Sun: 11am - 10pm

*Kitchen closes at 9pm nightly.

Elkridge HOURS

Mon - Thurs: 11am - 10pm

Fri & Sat: 11am - 11pm

Sun: 11am - 7pm

*Kitchen closes one hour before restaurant.